Wednesday, 22 December 2010

"Don't Judge...."

Absolutely loved this exhibition, and so glad that I battled through the blizzard (minus socks and gloves)that had hit East London to see it. It was a fantastic collaboration which highlighted the great importance of cover design in both the selling of a book and the recognition of iconic status. I think it is vital that this aspect of publishing is kept alive amidst the mighty power of digitalisation. The book covers were beautiful not just in themselves but for the way in which they revealed the way in which the artists saw and interpreted the books. I was truly inspired and I hope that collaborations of this kind will continue to be cultivated and perhaps we may see some of these designs on penguin publications in the future! Above are a selection of my favourites!

1. Alexander Korzer-Robinson, Inner life II; 2. Chris Stain - "Grapes of Wrath" (John Steinbeck); 3. Curtis Kulig - "Can't Read"; 4. David Bray "Excitability - Selected Stories"; 5. David Walker, "The Subterranians" (Jack Kerouac); 6. Hellovon, "Metamorphosis" (Kafka); 7. Jaybo "Howl"; 8. Mikey "The Stranger" (Albert Camus); 9. Ripo "Cat in the Hat"; 10. Russ Mills "City of Thieves" (Ian Livingstone); 11. Russ Mills "Forest of Doom" (Ian Livingstone);12. Russ Mills "House of Hell" (Steve Jackson) 13. Russ Mills "The Citadel of Chaos" (Steve Jackson); 14. San, "The Myth of Sisyphus" (Albert Camus); 15. Shepard Fairey "Animal Farm" (Orwell); 16. Shepard Fairey "1984" (Orwell); 17. Viktor Vauthier, "Hamlet" (Shakespeare).

See more about the exhibition and future exhibitions at Stolen Space. 

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