Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Stylish Ski Wear

 I think that we can all agree that, much as we love Bridget, none of us want to look like this on the slopes. And while it's unlikely that we'll ever manage to emulate this...

....without looking like a bit of a twat, we can always try...

1. Columbia Seamless Top - Sweaty Betty - £45  
2. Onesie - OnePiece - £139
3. Skis - Atomic from Snow + Rock - £475
4. Moon Boots - Barts - £69.99
5. Hat - French Connection - £12.50
6. Socks - Topshop - £10
7. Gloves - Tesco - £4 
8. Helmet - Snow + Rock - £99.99 
9. Jacket - Canada Goose - reduced from £377 to £191
10.  Jumper - Topshop


Saturday, 1 December 2012

My own font...

So about a month or so ago I entered a competition run by Pan Macmillan to promote a book called the The Missing Ink by Philip Hensher.

The competition involved sending in a sample of your handwriting (via Twitter) with the winners having their handwriting turned into a font. It turned out that the hours of handwriting lessons at the age of 13 paid off and I now have a nifty font of my own which is very exciting. So here it is: 

E-mail me (lucybowes89{at} if you would like me to use the font.