Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Indian Summer


I know, after the latest British weather disaster that was the Bank Holiday weekend, the prospect of an Indian Summer may seem somewhat of a joke. I have however heard it on the grapevine (well...  just from my dad) that things are set to improve in September....  I also haven't been on my summer holiday yet (going to Turkey on Saturday), so as far as I'm concerned, summer remains. I know the shops are now filled with A/W stuff and excitement over knit wear does threaten to weaken my resolve to cling onto the last of the summer.... but pastel colours, crop tops, Fleetwood Mac, Peroni and FroYo, all of which seem to epitomise the summer so far, are staying for the time being.

Polka Dot Dress ~ MissGuided ~ £22.99
Jeans ~ Topshop ~ £15
Moroccan Lanterns ~ Rigby and Mac ~ £6.95 - £15.95
Underwear ~ Topshop ~ £29.00
Nail Varnish - Chanel 
Bronzing Pearls ~ The Body Shop ~ £13
Red Lace Dress ~ Topshop ~ £45
Still trying to find where the shoes are from... will update if I do.


Best. frozen. yoghurt. ever.  (partly because it's just so much fun to say)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lorenzo Aguis

I've just discovered the work of photographer Lorenzo Aguis, who is probably most well known for the images he took for the 1996 British classic 'Trainspotting'. A combination of both the A-list of Mario Testino and the English whimsicality of Tim Walker his work is both beautiful and humorous. LOVIN' IT.