Friday, 19 August 2011

Atlas Hands....

Big love for this song and indeed this artist - the perfect mellow summer tuuunne. 
Also check out his cover of the Killer's "When You Were Young"
L x

Weekend Wishlist...

Daddy.... if you really love me....??? 
Nope. Never going to happen... gonna have to find me a rich husband to purchase me Lanvin and Anya bags..... oh well... in the mean time I can afford good old Topshop and YSL beauty products. Off to Zante (or Zakynthos as my mother keeps trying to call it in a bid to avoid the 'lads on tour' association with the island) so should be able to have a good old spree in duty free before jetting off to sand, sea and a small handful of appallingly behaved/dressed fellow brits... larrvly. 
L x

Pink Clutch - Anya Hindmarch
Black Shoulder Bag - Lanvin - Net-a-Porter
Lipstick - YvesSaintLaurent
Shorts - Topshop

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Illustrations for Absolut Blank

David Bray

Eduardo Recife

Mario Wagner

I love it when an advert creates something that is really beautiful and these designs are a prime example.
L x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

(Unsticky by Sarra Manning)
Grace is dumped by her awful bf in Liberty's right by the Marc Jacob's handbags, yet almost simultaneously she is swept of her feet by an rather pushy yet strangely intriguing older man... The twist lies in the affair that he proposes and the lengths to which Grace would go for love and money... 
Have just DEVOURED this and now unfortunately have a Grace shaped hole in my life. If your mourning the lack of summer here in England or jetting off to somewhere where summer translates as heat you HAVE to read this. 

L x

LCC artwork

Being interested in going into book cover design after I leave university I have been researching some courses in Graphic design at the London art colleges. I came across this while having a cheeky look at some of the artwork and I LOVE it (the small version didn't do it justice so have had to cut it into two!). Its by Yu Ping Chen. Also have a look at some of the other stuff here.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Twiggy LOVE...

LOVE love love Twiggy, not only are her pictures utterly gorgeous and iconic but she conducted her career with such effortless style and grace. 
L x