Sunday, 22 September 2013

Logo designs

A friend of mine has started a gorgeous line of knit wear and she asked me to come up with some logo designs for her. These are the rough drafts which will (when I've got my head around the logistics of this on photoshop) become a little more refined. 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Classic Edna

    Tuesday, 18 December 2012

    Stylish Ski Wear

     I think that we can all agree that, much as we love Bridget, none of us want to look like this on the slopes. And while it's unlikely that we'll ever manage to emulate this...

    ....without looking like a bit of a twat, we can always try...

    1. Columbia Seamless Top - Sweaty Betty - £45  
    2. Onesie - OnePiece - £139
    3. Skis - Atomic from Snow + Rock - £475
    4. Moon Boots - Barts - £69.99
    5. Hat - French Connection - £12.50
    6. Socks - Topshop - £10
    7. Gloves - Tesco - £4 
    8. Helmet - Snow + Rock - £99.99 
    9. Jacket - Canada Goose - reduced from £377 to £191
    10.  Jumper - Topshop


    Saturday, 1 December 2012

    My own font...

    So about a month or so ago I entered a competition run by Pan Macmillan to promote a book called the The Missing Ink by Philip Hensher.

    The competition involved sending in a sample of your handwriting (via Twitter) with the winners having their handwriting turned into a font. It turned out that the hours of handwriting lessons at the age of 13 paid off and I now have a nifty font of my own which is very exciting. So here it is: 

    E-mail me (lucybowes89{at} if you would like me to use the font.


    Sunday, 7 October 2012

    A/W Wish Lists (Part 1)

    To add a little variety on the wish list front I've enlisted the help of my friends to do what our degrees and those long hours in the library taught us to do so well....
    L x

    1. Dress ~ French Connection ~ £160
    2. Coat ~ Topshop ~  £98
    3. Nail Polish ~ YSL ~ £18.00
    4. Boots ~ Kurt Geiger ~ £150
    5. Earrings ~ Elizabeth Jewellery ~ Silver Pebble Earrings £12.50 
    6. Bag ~ Dooney and Bourke ~ $445

    Sunday, 9 September 2012

    When God Was a Rabbit...

     This is a book about a brother and a sister. 

    It's a book about childhood and growing up, friendships and families, triumph and tragedy and everything inbetween. 

    More than anything it's a book about love in all its forms.

    I know that this book came out a while ago and so I'm a little behind on my love for it (I've got a lot of catching up to do now that my reading list isn't solely restricted to VERY IMPORTANT BOOKS) but if you haven't read this then read it. It's hard to describe exactly what the plot of this book encompasses but it's heartbreakingly beautiful. It's funny (like laugh out loud funny) but achingly sad (it will make you cry). It follows the lives of Elly and her brother Joe from the late 1960's all the way through to 2001, it involves a rabbit called God and is now, quite possibly, one of my favourite books. Ever. 

    The cover design is also amazing and done by one of my favourite artists and designers Ami Smithson at Cabin London.


    Wednesday, 29 August 2012

    Indian Summer


    I know, after the latest British weather disaster that was the Bank Holiday weekend, the prospect of an Indian Summer may seem somewhat of a joke. I have however heard it on the grapevine (well...  just from my dad) that things are set to improve in September....  I also haven't been on my summer holiday yet (going to Turkey on Saturday), so as far as I'm concerned, summer remains. I know the shops are now filled with A/W stuff and excitement over knit wear does threaten to weaken my resolve to cling onto the last of the summer.... but pastel colours, crop tops, Fleetwood Mac, Peroni and FroYo, all of which seem to epitomise the summer so far, are staying for the time being.

    Polka Dot Dress ~ MissGuided ~ £22.99
    Jeans ~ Topshop ~ £15
    Moroccan Lanterns ~ Rigby and Mac ~ £6.95 - £15.95
    Underwear ~ Topshop ~ £29.00
    Nail Varnish - Chanel 
    Bronzing Pearls ~ The Body Shop ~ £13
    Red Lace Dress ~ Topshop ~ £45
    Still trying to find where the shoes are from... will update if I do.


    Best. frozen. yoghurt. ever.  (partly because it's just so much fun to say)

    Sunday, 5 August 2012

    Lorenzo Aguis

    I've just discovered the work of photographer Lorenzo Aguis, who is probably most well known for the images he took for the 1996 British classic 'Trainspotting'. A combination of both the A-list of Mario Testino and the English whimsicality of Tim Walker his work is both beautiful and humorous. LOVIN' IT. 

    Tuesday, 24 July 2012

    July Wishlist...

    1. Dress | Jolie Moi | £15
    2. Nail Polish | Essie | Cascade Cool | £7.99 | Available at Boots
    3. Bag | LK Bennett | Was £325, now £195
    4. Perfume | Elie Saab | From £35 | Available at Boots
    5. Foundation | YSL | £28 | Available at Boots


    Thursday, 12 July 2012

    Guide to Rome

    L x